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A love of Exotic Destinations,Natural Beauty & A Tropical Lifestyle

In Byron Bay boho clothing, bikini’s and festival fashion become sexy stylish everyday clothes you can move in- how else will you get from the beach to the dance floor? Byron Bay takes the rhythm of the surf and weaves it into the sights sounds and colours of a sleepy surf town infused with glamour. Whether sipping cocktails on a balcony, radiating in a sexy dress, or walking bra free and barefoot across the lawn in your ripped denim to empty the compost, the Fruitilicious woman is an imaginative vision, sublime with an understated magnetism. Sexy , powerful and mysterious. So sprinkle sunflower seeds in the garden, put a flower behind your ear and make your boho clothing a spiritual uniform arming you against the cynics and the scene. Be the fresh sea breeze, the touch of the waves and the taste of berries.

A bare foot mermaid, a sensual soul: a Fruitilicious woman

At Fruitlicious we worship the free spirit, chase laughter, pursue the sunlight,and drift between the things that take our breath away and heal our souls. Waking to the sound of the ocean kissing the shorline or falling asleep to our lover’s breath we take the highs and lows of life and stitch it into fashion you can love with all your heart and body. Browse our online collection or come into the shop and let the Australian fashion designer behind Fruitilicious style you herself. 

Fruitlicious Fashion- the salty fibres of Byron Bay made into festival, street, swim and soulful surf fashion flavours

Life is delicious, indulge daily